Track 1: Intro

Welcome! This blog features the methods in which alternative music labels promote music and communicate with consumers. Each post focuses on a different proponent in the alternative music hierarchy and attempts to show how they use social media in order to engage with their consumers and audiences.

What to Expect

The posts go through the ever-growing music industry by starting at the smallest unit and working up to the press and publications. The first post looks into the impact social media has on individual bands and artists. The second post expands to look at how Indie Labels in particular use social media when expanding their brands and promoting their bands. The third post looks at how channels such as alternative and indie radio use social media to promote the bands. Lastly, the fourth post looks at how music related publications (specifically magazines) feature indie music and utilize social media to get their messages across.

The posts are named as a track number on a CD but are representative of what the article is about. You may notice that the track numbers aren’t in the most traditional order, but in this day and age you can listen to any track in any order you want. In a similar way, the posts are user-friendly and can be read in any order.

By approaching the music industry this way, the final post builds off of previously explored information about the smaller proponents that make up the music industry. With the combination of the constantly evolving social media sphere with endless mediums and the ever-growing music industry with a plethora of genres, the indie or alternative music scene is thriving with media possibilities.

Final Thoughts

This blog shows how the focus with social media has shifted from being just about how many followers you have to what the individual followers really think about you. In the current day and age, communication is no longer one-way, and the audience or consumer view has never mattered more. Social media has provided consumers with a huge way to engage in immediate feedback, and indie music is no exception to this phenomenon.



  1. I love that you are writing about the music industry! It is extremely important to write about something you are passionate about. How you explain the organization of your posts was extremely helpful to me as a reader, especially if I wanted to look for a specific topic and I could easily see which blog post that topic is in. I do have some feedback though, if you do not mind. You do not directly say that your posts are covering the best social media practices in the industry until you go in detail about each post, and a reader looking for social media advice may find this slightly confusing. I also wish there was more substance and research put into the content of the introductory post. I did not feel there was a take away message other than to read the other blog posts. However, I love the idea and you are definitely taking your blog in a creative and successful direction!



  2. Thanks for your feedback Talia! I totally see your point about introducing the notion of best social media practices earlier in the post. My intention was to convey my message in an unconventional way so as to peak interest of the user, but the users’ understanding of my post is definitely the main priority!



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