Track 5: Meet the Press

As bands and artists, labels, and radio stations all use social media in traditional or innovative ways, alternative and mainstream press alike have found ways to talk about it using the very same social media platforms. The traditional news press, especially exemplified in magazines, doesn’t always have the best reputation, but there is reason to believe that the press could have success in the modern world of social media.

The Editorial Effect

Whether or not magazines have had a positive impact on their readers, they very obviously have an effect.Magazines have been reported as being more effective when they have a cross-media presence and have identities on different platforms accessible to their readers. Readers have been known to feel a connected personal identity with the magazines they read, so using social media to help the reader actually embrace and respond with their shared identity has proven to be valuable to both the audience and the magazines.

Just as music has the capacity to influence a large amount of seemingly unrelated people, social media has made it possible for music oriented magazines (and magazines in general) to reach the masses in groundbreaking new ways. Many magazines are starting at a more generalized approach first, calculating who exactly their target audiences are based on the type of music they are promoting. Then, based on their knowledge of who they are as a brand and what they want to accomplish, the publications can find fitting artists and events to promote. This way, the target audience is getting exactly what they want.


Being Innovative

Arguably, one of the best ways for magazines to get their audiences involved is to do something that’s never been done. By launching apps promoted on existing social media, creating advertising campaigns combining their product with a previously thought unrelated concept, and encouraging audience interaction through social media with things as simple as hashtags, many brands and magazines have been able to  gather a new interest from readers.

Defining how the media use another form of media can be a tricky and ever-evolving topic, but the magazine industry is just starting to take off with social media use. As technology is constantly advancing, magazines and other media publications still have nearly endless opportunities to get their audience from just readers to interacting creators. The press has its own interactive web to work with, especially in the music industry, where every other part of the chain is trying to publicize themselves through social media.




  1. The idea behind this post is great but the post itself was puzzling to me. First, you discussed how the press gets involved and interacts the same way the music industry through social media. Yet, you then go on to explain how the magazine industry is booming. Maybe further explaining the relationship between social media and magazines and discussing how and why readers choose to read magazines in this industry would add some clarity. Also, after clicking on one of the resources you linked in this post, I found many case studies of how specific companies successfully engage with fans using social media, such as Converse and HP. I believe if you integrated these examples into your post, readers could get a better understanding on how to apply these best practices to their own companies!



  2. Thanks for your comment! I’m not sure if I quite understand your concern about my explanation of the magazine industry, but I’m glad you were able to find use in the resources I included! I wanted to specify on the music industry and how magazines use social media to build this up, but I definitely agree that external examples could have strengthened my argument!



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