Blog Post #1: Intro 

The Globalization of Popular Music, 1960-2010 by Verboord and Brandellero

Rolling Stone Magazine

The Importance of Social Media for Professional Musicians by Hrefna Helgadóttir

Blog Post #2: I’m With the Band

IT-Enabled Broadcasting in Social Media: An Empirical Study of Artists’ Activities and Music Sales by Hailiang, Prabuddha, and Yu

7 Social Media Tips for Indie Bands by Kevin Winston

10 Best Indie Bands to Follow on Twitter by Anthony Carew

How an Indie Musician Can Make $19,000 in 10 Hours Using Twitter by Mike King

 Blog Post #3: Don’t Label Me 

Record Label Marketing: How Music Companies Brand and Market Artists in the Digital Era by Macy, Rolston, Allen & Hutchinson

Social Media is Revolutionizing the Music Industry by Kate Franklin

‘It’s an Ecosystem’: New A2IM CEO Richard James Burgess on Goals for Indies and Beyond by Marc Hogan

Mom & Pop Music

Mom & Pop Music Founder Michael Goldstone on Discovering Pearl Jam and Courtney Barnett Giving his Company it’s First Grammy Nod by Jem Aswad

Blog Post #4: Tuning In and Twitter

 Understanding the Value of Networked Publics in Radio: Employing Digital Methods and Social Network Analysis to Understand the Twitter Publics of two Italian National Radio Stations by Tiziano Bonini, Alessandro Caliandro and Alessandra Massarelli

Will Social Media tricks Get You Closer to Listeners? by Loyd Ford

Research: Stations Grow in Social, Mobile by Bob Papper

Image from WXJM 88.7fm Harrisonburg

Blog Post #5: Meet the Press

Magazine Reading Experience and Advertising Engagement: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective by Jooyoung Kim, Jungwon Lee, Samsup Jo, Jaemin Jung, and Jaewon Kang

Why Good Music Marketing Goes Beyond Targeting the Bands With the Most Social Fans by Tim Dellow

The 10 Best Brand Music Strategies of 2015 by Con Raso

Image from Rolling Stone Magazine

Blog Post #6: The Last Song 

Customizing Social Media Marketing by Christian Schulze

The Fourth Screen: How Smartwatches Could Be Used For Ads  by Todd Wasserman

9 Tactics for Building and Keeping Your Band’s Twitter Following  by Patrick Hertz